Why Is Your Task Suspended

Posted on 2016/07/12

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Free service is loved by all, but people trend to abuse it. We have many experiences that user submits request as a taste, but never takes a look at alert mails, or messages from our operators. To invest limited resources on users who really value it, we have a mechanism to automatically drop tasks judged as abandoned.

On free course, a task will be auto-suspended or closed in either of the the following cases.

  1. Failed to validate email address.
    Immediately after submitting a request, you will get an email asking for validation. The purpose of validation is to make sure user is serious on the request, but not playing on input form. So don’t be surprised even if you ever validated the same email address a few minutes ago. If a task does not get validated within 7 days, it will be automatically closed.
  2. Failed to get read receipt
    With indeterminate intervals, system may ask user to provide read receipt by clicking some link in alert mail. Such read receipt acts as an evidence showing user is actively checking alert mails. If system failed to get receipt within 7 days, task will be automatically suspended.
  3. No alert triggered for over 90-days.
    If no single alert ever triggered for over 90 days, task will be automatically suspended, as a signal to remind user to revise trigger conditions.

On the other hand, a paid task won’t be suspended because of above reasons. However, it may be automatically suspended at billing-cycle end if user doesn’t have enough credit balance to support next billing.

In the case of auto-suspend, user can restart task by clicking the resume button in task manage page. If user takes no action on auto-suspended task, task will be auto-closed after 30 days. A closed task is not accessible any more.

A task that is manually suspended by user won’t be automatically closed, because we encourage user to suspend unused task and reopen it when necessary.

Check this page to have deeper understanding on lifecycle of a task.

Last update: 2019/04/16