Amazon Customer Review Auto Notification Service

Posted on 2016/07/24

Amazon product review example

This is single product version of Amazon customer review notification service. If you have more than 5 products to monitor, please check the blog for massive batch version.

There are various reasons that one may have interest in customer reviews. A retailer cares how customer feels about his service. A designer takes user feedback as treasure. A product planner wants to know how competitor’s product performs. A commenter will be happy to get voices from end user.

Deep-watch’s review notification service is the answer to all needs above. It monitors customer review page and sends you alert email as soon as there is any update. Besides, it has powerful filters that deliver exactly what you are interested in. You can filter out reviews by star rating, by credibility, by review length, or by any keywords that you like.

You don’t have to be retailer to get notified, even don’t have to be amazon user. What you need to do is to define alert conditions in the input form below, and then submit.

You are likely to get an email like below when there is any update.

Notification mail on amazon product review

By default, the alert mail comes with title “Amazon New Review”. You can customize mail title at task manage page to make it more informative. You can also revisit trigger conditions and make essential tunings at the same page.

One task can only monitor one product, but it is OK to set multiple tasks for different products. Or you can use the massive batch version if you are doing more serious business on Amazon.

Currently this service supports the following Amazon sites:

No doubt that we can also support other countries. Moreover, we can also provide similar service on other EC sites. Please feel free to submit your own request at New task page.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

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