Amazon Customer Review Auto Notification Service (Massive Batch Version)

Posted on 2017/09/12

Batch of Amazon product review example

This service is part of deep-watch public offer. Check this blog to see a full list of public offers.

Debuted in July 2016, Amazon customer review auto notification service turns out to be the most popular public offer on deep-watch. Now, as a bargain for those who manage big business on Amazon, we launched this massive batch version. The phrase massive batch means you can monitor up to 3000 products in one single task!

To save time we won't repeat how much Amazon reviews mean to everyone. We start from introducing its usage. In the form below you will have a Product page URLs input field, where you can paste URLs of products to monitor. One line for each URL. That's all! Other inputs are all self-explanatory, and basically the same as single product version.

Here is how it works. Our crawler will sequentially go through the URL list, and visit corresponding review pages. At each page, if it finds new reviews that match your trigger condition, it sends you an alert mail. When reached the end of URL list, it restarts from the beginning. Crawler can go through multiple products in one single execution, and the number of products checked in each execution grows with course grade. So if you take a higher grade course, the overall throughput will significantly increase. The following table summarizes the dependencies.

Course Name Minimum Interval (Minutes) Products per Execution 6-hour Throughput
Apollo 180 1 2
Moon 60 2 12
Mars 18 4 80
Jupiter 5 6 432

As the table shows, with Jupiter course, you can go through up to 432 products within 6 hours. That means you will averagely get notified on new reviews within 3 hours! Apparently you can also make trade-offs among list length, notification latency and cost. For example, if you have only 216 products, you can go through all of them within 3 hours. On the other hand, if notification latency is not that important to you, you can also manage all products with lower-grade courses.

Note that there is a new input field 1st round alert, whose default value is ON. This option controls how crawler deals with existing reviews when it goes through the URL list for the 1st time. By default it sends alerts if existing reviews match your trigger condition. If your products already have many reviews and your trigger condition is relatively mild, you may keep getting notifications every hour (or every 5 minutes if you are on Jupiter course) until crawler finished 1st round. In that case you may want to turn it OFF. You can change this option at task manage page at any time, anyway.

An alert mail may look like below.

Notification mail on amazon new customer review

The number in Page Index column indicates corresponding line number in your URL list. If you are curious which product it is, just click the link and the product page will open.

We'd like to share several tips that help to use this service in more comfortable way.

  • The URL input field is actually not a nice place to edit. We will keep improving it, but as of now the best practice is to edit it in some other text editor then paste the whole list into the input field. Here is a nice tutorial on how to copy and paste page URLs between different applications.
  • For performance reason, the crawler only checks latest 10 reviews for each product. If your product has dozens of reviews every day, you need control the loop-time (i.e. URL list length or execute interval) to make sure no new reviews will be missed.

Currently this service supports the following Amazon sites:

No doubt that we can also support other countries. Moreover, we can also provide similar service on other EC sites. Please feel free to submit your own request at New task page.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

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