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This service is part of deep-watch public offer. Check this blog to see a full list of public offers. is a great place for idea curation and product marketing. Since it has 6000+ new questions posted every day, you may want to get notified when it comes new contents that match your interest, other than check them one by one. Yes, Quora does have such notification service. However, you may want to have alternative version for the following reasons.

  • Quora only notifies on big topics such as "SEO tools", but you may want to focus on smaller scope.
  • Quora only notifies on popular contents, but you may want to get notified when some question exactly matches your interest, even if it is not that popular (e.g. someone mentioned your product).
  • Quora sends notification mail once every day. However, getting notified early and being the 1st to write an answer can doubtlessly help to increase your influence.

Motivated by the reasons above, we launched the keyword-base notifications service. It searches Quora with regular intervals, and sends you alert email when any new contents that match your predefined conditions are found. To use this service you even don’t have to own a Quora account. Just fill out the form below and submit, you will get exactly what you are interested in.

You are likely to receive an email like below when a new item is found.

Keyword-based alert mail on new questions on

By clicking the link in email, you can open a new page that directs to the corresponding contents on Quora.

One single task can only have one set of keywords, but it is OK to set multiple tasks for different sets.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

Last update: 2019/04/17