How Is Your Task Scheduled

Posted on 2016/03/28

clock to show scheduleOnce you make a request to deep-watch, we will create a dedicated task for you. The task visits target page with regular intervals. A visit is called execution in our worksheet.

As a page change monitoring service to be smarter, deep-watch dynamically schedules your task to offer maximum value with minimum stress to target page. It studies page characters, and visits page more intensively when it thinks a change is more likely to happen. For example, if target is a home page of some local company, it will check more frequently at daytime in working days. If target page is a forum and tends to have fewer posts at midnight, it will extend interval accordingly. If target page is a global news site, it will always run with fixed intervals regardless of day or night. Needless to say, such arrangements always take time zone into account.

Basically you don't have to specify execute interval. Our system will set appropriate interval for you. However the minimum interval that we can offer for free tasks is 3 hours. If more intensive execution wanted, you can subscribe for paid course and specify smaller intervals. The minimum interval that you can specify depends on the course you selected.

There are several items to be noted when subscribe for paid course.

  • What you specify is the average of execute intervals. An individual interval could have up to 8% error versus specified value. Namely we don’t guarantee each interval between two successive executions to be exactly same as what you specified. If you do need it to be the same, please choose enterprise solution instead.
  • For small sites that are not designed for high traffic, the minimum interval that you can specify may be larger than what is defined in pricing table. In that case, such information will be highlighted in the course selection page.
  • For pages that have very clear active/inactive cycles (e.g. a stock price board), your specified interval only works for active zone. Intervals in inactive zone are up to deep-watch’s decision. For example, for a stock price monitoring task, the task will be executed with your specified interval when stock is in trading time, but stopped when out of trading time. If active/inactive zone is defined, such information will be highlighted in the course selection page.
  • If you select a paid course, the task will automatically change to the minimum interval of that course. However you can specify an larger interval if necessary.

Last update: 2019/04/17