What Is Beyond Jupiter

Posted on 2016/03/29

Galaxy beyond jupiterWhat is beyond Jupiter? Knowing the lineup of deep-watch offers, you may think up Saturn. However I meant to talk about Galaxy, namely a world that many people dream to go but have never been there, a world that is full of miracles.

Galaxy will be the name of deep-watch’s enterprise solution, if you prefer to have a name for it. The enterprise solution provides more powerful features that is far beyond competitors’ capabilities. Below are some features that have been verified.

  • Integration with customer’s database
    We provide open source code snippets that can be deployed on customer’s server to directly write data into database. Those codes are simple and well-documented, so they are free of security risk.
  • Private data dashboard
    With a dashboard you can view all changes in the history, and statistics on various data properties.
  • CAPTCHA hacking
    Some page requires visitor to prove itself to be human being but not robot. Our crawler is smart enough to pass such test.
  • Down to 1 second execute interval
    This feature is only available when target server is designed to support such high frequency access.(e.g. a stock or FX trade system)
  • Execute at synchronized timing
    For example, you can set task to be executed at 00:00:00 every day, or 00:00 of each hour.

If you have interest in any of above, or want some feature that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us for deep discussion.

Last update: 2019/04/17