What You Can Do on Earth

Posted on 2016/03/29

earth and moon

Learning the lineup of deep-watch’s offers you may feel the free earth course is poor compared with others. However even with free course you will have many exciting features that can’t be found anywhere else. Below is some of them that you may like.

  • Free service is always available.
  • You will have private task manage page to reconfigure task settings at any time.
  • You can customize titles of alert mails to make smarter filter in your mailbox.
  • You can define “no disturb time” for each task so as not to get out bed just to read a (non-urgent) alert mail.
  • Depending on the contents that you requested, you may get a set of reconfigurable parameters. You can change parameters with task manage tool at any time. For example, if you request to be alerted when the price of some stock reaches $10. You are likely to get a target price parameter with default set to $10. Fatherly, if our system log shows you are a serious user, you may get more parameters such as stock code, change direction, etc.
  • You will have a private bulletin board to communicate with site operator. If you are not satisfied with task configurations, you can post a question there.

Last update: 2019/04/17