How Not to Miss Important Alert Mails

Posted on 2016/03/30

read email during coffee time

Deep-watch’s alerts are delivered in the form of emails. We assume you read email on smart phones, and get alerted by ring when new mail arrives. We also assume you expect to get alerted at the very first moments. However, if you are heavy internet user, you are likely to get dozens of mails every day. You may not want to pick up phone every time it rings. Here we share some tips on how to highlight deep-watch alert mails against non-urgent mails.

Step 1:Claim Spam-free

All mails come from, with xx to be either "support" or "alarm". If your mailer has a sender white list, you need add those two addresses to white list.

If white list setting is OK, you should receive an email within a few minutes after submit a request.

If not, check if the mail is mistakenly put into spam mail folder.

If yes, you need explicitly tell the mailer it is not spam.

Usually a mailer is smart enough to learn from your behavior, so next time it won't make the same mistake again.

Step 2: Customize Notification


If you use Gmail on android, you can set a special label for alert mails and customize notification for mails with that label.

Check Gmail's help page to see how to apply a label.

Check Gmail's another help page to see how to customize notifications.


iOS (iPhone / iPad)

If you use Apple's generic mail application on iOS, you can set a sender as VIP, then customize notifications for VIP.

To set a sender as VIP, open the mail, tap on the sender's address, then tap on Add to VIP.

Then you can customize notifications for VIP with system menu at Settings > Notifications > Mail > VIP

Last update: 2019/04/17