Twitter Selective Push Notification Service

Posted on 2016/07/27

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This service is part of deep-watch public offer. Check this blog to see a full list of public offers.

Sometimes you want to know someone’s new post on Twitter, but not to follow him, don't you?

I am not talking about a story of unrequited love, but the following situations.

  • He is your rival, and it hurts your pride to be his follower.
  • He is some popular guy and intensively tweets on random subjects, but you are only interested in part of them.

For the later case, actually someone ever requested for selective push notification in Twitter developer forum. Pity that he didn’t get mush positive response there. I guess the reason is developers prefer to implement by themselves other than raising a request therecheeky

For those who reached here by Googling “Twitter selective push”, yes, this is the answer for you. Deep-watch selective push notification service provides powerful filter on Tweets of any account. We visit Twitter with regular intervals, and send you alert email when any tweets that meet your predefined conditions are found. You don’t have to follow him to get notified, you even don’t have to own a Twitter account. Just fill out the form below and submit, you will get exactly what you are interested in.

The input form is self-explanatory enough so I won't add too much words on it. You are likely to receive an email like below when there is a new tweet.

Notification email on KATY PERRY new tweet

One single task can only monitor one Twitter account, but it is OK to set multiple tasks for different account.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

Last update: 2019/04/16