Changes of Site Policy

Posted on 2019/04/02

Effective from Apr 22, 2019, we are going to make several important changes on the policy of operation.

  • The free service for new tasks will be limited to 30-day. After free trial, user can continue by subscribing to other courses.
  • All tasks that go online before Apr 22 can keep free with no time limitation. However, the free service will terminate if the task is suspended for any reason. Namely, if it is suspended, user need change to non-free course before resuming it. Please refer this blog for common reasons that may make a task auto-suspended.
  • A single user can accumulatively have up to 10 free tasks. “Accumulatively” means all tasks that ended with free course, as well as those running on free course, will be counted. If free quota is exhausted, user won’t be eligible to submit new request.
  • For non-free tasks, user can use recurring payment with PayPal, but does not have to buy credit points in advance. When starting a non-free task, if user has enough credit points to support 30-day running, the fee will be billed from credit balance. If not, the recurring payment model will be applied.
  • The legacy Buy credits page will be closed on Oct 1, 2019. After that, user can’t buy new credit points, but their in-hand points will keep effect.
  • The recurring payment will be eligible for heavy-user discount. The discount is applied on accumulated price of all active tasks.
  • The alert portal page will be deprecated. By clicking links in alert mail, user will go directly to target site without stopping by alert portal page.

We believe these changes are essential for us to provide sustainable service. However, we are open to any suggestions on the policies. If you have any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

Last update: 2019/04/02